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Small Hands of Prayer

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

According to studies at Purdue University, when it comes time to pass on our religious beliefs to our children, our actions are more effective than our speech. According to research published in the journal “Psychological Development”, when children understand the beliefs of their parents, they find that they are more likely to follow their beliefs.

Many immigrants who experience years of living in various camps, spend a lot of time in the hope of reaching out to each other in order to achieve their goals. The conversion in religion, and in addition the converting to Christianity, is one of the ways in which much attention has been paid to by this hopeless and weary people. But how much of this conversion of religion and belief takes place out of desire and heartfelt motivation is something that will eventually become apparent, and accordingly these Parents face a serious of new challenges. All parents sincerely strive to use moral values ​​as a priority in their children's development,

But according to this study, Professor, "Lin Avkagaky" who believes that children beliefs are shaped by their parent’s teaching, experiences, and their decision making. This children are clearly learning from their parents who are in their life’s trial and error themselves, and the question is are these parents capable of being the right educator for their children?

If we want our children to have relationship with God, we should not only pray for them, but also talk to them about the importance of worship and teach them how to talk to god in prayers, keeping in mind that in general children are more open hearted and sensitive towards their surroundings.

However, in the current chaotic situation and all resource shortages in the refuge camps, which is reluctant to meet the basic needs of these immigrants, do we have any educational resources for these children?

Even Christian organizations do not have comprehensive and consistent programs for their teaching and learning. Children's needs have been neglected as the most vulnerable part of this whole endeavor.

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